Silly Lawsuit: Who Owns The Word “Yup”?

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trey songz

In the world of REALLY? Comes a lawsuit between to men over the word “YUP”. Yup, I’m not kidding. Trey Songz and Storage Wars regular Dave Hester both say they own rights, and want the other to stop using the term.

The Grammy winning Songz, is asking a federal judge in Manhattan to toss Hester’s recently granted YUUUP! trademark on the grounds Neverson started using the  slogan way back in July 2009  two years before Hester even filed his trademark application. Songz ( whose real name is Tremaine Neverson),  sent Hester a cease-and-desist letter last September threatening legal action, but Hester beat him to the punch, filing a lawsuit in November.
Hester, is  famous for using the  ”yuup” when he bids on abandoned storage lockers on the hit A&E show Storage Wars, applied for the trademark last May. It was granted  in December.

Both parties make money of the slogan, and Songz says that consumers could be confused who they are supporting. Hester contends that consumers aren’t confused.
A judge has yet to rule.  Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with story in his monologue last night.

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