How Early Is Too Early To Put Up The Christmas Tree?

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(Getty Images/Karl-Joseph Hildenbrand/AFP)

(Getty Images/Karl-Joseph Hildenbrand/AFP)

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Listening to holiday music is one thing, but when it comes to putting up the tree and all the decorations, lights and hullabaloo, well that’s a different story. I pose this question because my boyfriend and I with our crazy busy schedules inadvertently become Christmas decoration hold outs and end up tossing up the last tree from the lot December 23rd.

I know this sounds terrible considering I work for Christmas 102… and last year, I did my best to go get the tree the day after Thanksgiving, when my boyfriend and his oldest son both scoffed at me. I saw a window of opportunity – we actually had time to get the thing up and decorated. What a thought – to  enjoy the season with the decorations as background instead of as frazzled thoughts of when the heck I was going be Christmassy… and what happened?

We got the last tree from the lot December 23rd and barely had it decorated in time for company, and Phil heard about it all year, and has promised me that after Thanksgiving we would go get a tree that we want (Douglas Fir – which is always sold out everywhere by the time we go), and not the misshapen leftover that we get that has only one good angle and seriously needs a corner to hide the missing pine needles and branches. What’s even funnier, is you’d think there’s a discount for this tree… but no. The lot owners know exactly what their doing. They know you need what would be future mulch desperately more than they need to turn it into mulch…

But I pose the question. When is too early to get & put up the tree. Back when I actually had time, I would traditionally do it on December 1st, but that came with it’s own set of problems as 12/1 is my birthday. I understand the day after Thanksgiving but it’s still a little early for me – and this year Thanksgiving is earlier than usual (I discovered recently to my horror). I’ve seen some people posting on Yahoo that they put up their tree the day after Halloween… I don’t know about you, but I can’t transition from Zombies to St. Nick without the Thanksgiving buffer in the middle.

So when do you put up your tree?

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