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Des’ Friday Flick: Transcendence

What an odd movie. This is a movie that you have to pay attention to, so either go with someone who doesn’t try to make conversation in the theater or go alone.

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School Wants To Implement A Dress Code…For Parents!

School Board members in Florida want parents to follow the same dress code the kids follow.


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Lemon-Basil Risotto

I made my husband’s favorite dinner for his birthday Friday, and that included some help from The Olive Scene.


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Des’ Weekend: Doggone Fun :)

Friday was my husband’s birthday, so for dinner I made his favorites – lobster, scallops, sausage stuffed peppers, lemon-basil risotto


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Micah’s Man Tip: Call Me!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had my friend Micah giving us the man’s perspective on dating and relationships – we want to know what they’re thinking.


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The Best Shortcake Ever! Strawberries With Vinegar

If you’re trying to cut back on your sugar intake while still enjoying delicious treats, I have a wonderful quick and easy recipe for you to enjoy with your family


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Tips For Great Smoothies

I was on a smoothie kick for a while and need to find myself back on that kick. Smoothies are great and so easy to make. But which are the best for you?


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Des’ Weekend: Big Spring = Big Fun

My daughter and I went to the Cleveland Botanical Garden yesterday afternoon to see “Big Spring” and it was so lovely we’re ready to go back!


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Micah’s Man Tip: Aggressive Women

My 14-year-old son and his friend went to a “teen night” at a local fun spot. The event 8:30pm – 11:00pm. When I picked the boys up


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Photos Of Abandoned Malls – Many In Ohio

These photos are creepy to look at. I’ve been to a few of these malls. It’s sad that they were not able to make it, but then again, maybe there’s just too many