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Des’ Favorite Labor Day Event. What’s Yours?

I have been going to St. Rocco’s Church on Fulton Road for many, many years. I love the Church, the people, everything about it.


Desiray Good Company

Great Video, Check It Out. Cleveland: A Million Stories

Open Sourced Films documented Cleveland and its people over the course of one month. Here’s



Des Believes This Is A UFO! Watch The Video, What Do You Think?

A woman in Pennsylvania spotted some strange lights in the sky, and after she, her husband and neighbor watched for several minutes they called the police. The police also


Joan Rivers (comedian, talk show host) is 78

Joan Rivers In Critical Condition!

Joan Rivers is 81 years old! She had throat surgery and reports say that during the surgery there were complications and she stopped breathing.


(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Johnny “Football” Manziel Is A Good Sport!

This makes me like Johnny a bit more. How cute is he in these tights??


Brian Lichtenberg - Runway - Fall 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Hey Pretty Boys – This Job Is For You!

The Price Is Right has launched a search for MALE models! This is the first time in its 40 year history that TPIR is looking to add a male model


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Little Boy Playing In Street, Gets Run OVER! But Is Okay

The first question is “Why the heck is this kid allowed to play in the street?!” Immediately followed by “How the H*ll Didn’t the driver see the littl


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The FedEx Arrow And Other Hidden Messages You May Have Missed

I never noticed the arrow in the FedEx logo until my daughter pointed it out. Some companies have been very clever


Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Des’ Weekend: Enjoying Cleveland

My daughter Andrea and I took off last Thursday and Friday to celebrate her Birthday. We went to the Cleveland Museum of Art


2014 Cleveland Indians Home Opener vs. Minnesota Twins - April 4, 2014

Expect Cleveland To Be Crowded On Saturday Night!

Cleveland is going to be busy on Saturday with our sporting events and if you consider the usual crowds for e



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