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Thomas enjoying his Birthday lunch. Photo by Des/ CBS Radio

What’s In Your Kid’s Lunch?

My son is 15 and in the tenth grade, I’ve been trying to get creative with his lunch to let him know I’m thinking of him during the day. I wrote

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Cedar Point WON’T Rename Coaster ‘King James’

A lot of you may not be happy with this decision, but I think it’s pretty smart of LeBron to opt to help the


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Today Is: National Guacamole Day

Celebrating “National Guacamole Day” is just a reason to enjoy some guacamole today. If you’ve never made it


Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Christmas Shopping Too Early? Maybe Not…

Are you someone who is still finishing up that Christmas list on Christmas Eve? Maybe you’re the one we all roll our eyes at when you tell us in October that…


79th Annual Academy Awards - Show

The Most Adorable 6-Year-Old Ever?!

We all know “The Apparently Kid” aka Noah Ritter, well, apparently Ellen also fell in love with the “apparently” kid. Here’s a clip from today’s


Andy getting pretty. :) Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes!

Unfortunate as it is that Ray Rice chose to abuse his girlfriend (now wife) – as we have witnessed with the incredibly disturbing video, one thing


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What’s The Best App Your Kid Uses?

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep track of all the Apps and Social Media sites that our kids are using. Here’s one


St Patricks Day Parade in London

14th Annual “Rhythms Of Ireland”

If you like to watch spectacular dancing, you’ll love this. Magnificat High School is hosting a dance, showcasing traditional an


Zeus blew out the candle and gets the first bite. Look Kira lurking in the background :) Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Des’ Weekend: Celebrating Someone Special :)

I can’t be the only one who has a Birthday party for her dog :) Zeus turned one yesterday and we had fun celebrating his special day.


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The Dog Ate WHAT?

I’m sure you all have a story about your dog eating something it shouldn’t have. I’ve had dogs attempt to eat money, toys, rocks,



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