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That’s What She Drank: Craft Beers To Pair With Girl Scout Cookies!

Since it’s Girl Scout Cookie season AND our very own city has been voted the Number One Beer City In America by beer experts, this is truly a perfect pairing with impeccable timing, and I […]


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Who Has The WORST Home Improvement Story?

The Great Big Home and Garden Show is right around the corner time for homeowners to get inspiration and in two of our listeners case, expert advice. Perhaps mishap isn’t an appropriate word. Disaster, nightmare seems to […]

New 102–01/22/2015

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The Best Beer City In America? CLEVELAND!

We rock a lot of things, including beer, but then we already knew that. Isn’t it great when the rest of the country acknowledges it too? Especially when our beer excellence has been voted number […]

New 102–01/21/2015

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What Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad Was REALLY Like…

Or at least what the folks over at SNL thought it was really like. I personally prefer the Kate McKinnon version. It just seems more realistic. You needed that laugh, didn’t you?

New 102–01/21/2015

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Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: Potty Trained Pup, Like In The Toilet, Fo Reals (Good Dog!)

When it’s this cold out, both people and their dogs most likely wish their dogs would use the toilet to eliminate. Apparently – there’s (at least one) dog that can. Seriously. I need to train […]

New 102–01/15/2015

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5 Toxic Friendships To Let Go Of

January is often thought of as the month to clean things up and get organized. Why not do this with your relationships? There are 5 types of friends that add no value to your life. […]

New 102–01/14/2015

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Amanda Peet Uses Cabbage For WHAT? And No, It’s Not A Diet!!

Amanda Peet recently appeared on Ellen, after having had her 3rd child a month ago and she has an odd tip for new moms that involves of all things, cabbage leaves (and it’s not for […]

New 102–01/14/2015

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WATCH: Jeff The Animal Guy Freaks Out Jimmy Fallon

Everyone has something they dread at work. Jimmy Fallon states clearly that he HATES when Jeff Musial brings his animals on The Tonight Show (many of which terrify poor Jimmy). Last night’s episode was possibly the […]

New 102–01/13/2015

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That’s What She Drank: Keeping Warm With Boozy Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is PERFECT for this frigid weather! Snuggled up in a throw, crackling fire (I’m assuming), and a hot drink to warm your hands. A Boozy Hot Cocoa is just the drink to complete the […]

New 102–01/09/2015

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Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: Finding A Pet Left Out In The Cold

In these temperatures, we do our best to keep our pets warm, safe and at our side. There are all kinds of tips for protecting your pets from the cold. But what happens when you […]

New 102–01/08/2015


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