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Two Officers And A Katy Perry Song, WATCH What Happens!

We hear too much of what officers are doing wrong, but it’s nice to know they’re not all bad. Like the ones who pull you over to give you ice cream, and these on duty [...]

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Double Take! Online Dating Profile Red Flags!

I’ve mentioned here and there that I jumped into the online dating world a few months back, and what an odd world it can be, and not necessarily easy to navigate (especially if you’re a [...]

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That’s What She Drank: Bramble Berry Basil Mojito

One of the best things about an Awesome Autumn is the abundance of bramble berries (blackberries) and herbs that thrived all summer, and at this time of year, blackberries are still in season, and here’s [...]

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Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: This Puppy Learning To Howl Is Adorable Overload

I came across this video, and I have to admit I’ve watched it more than a few times since. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get their puppy fix (sans puppy breath – I know, [...]

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Have These In Your Closet? My Friend Says TOSS THEM!

A girlfriend of mine saw a pair of my shoes recently. They are wedges. Platform wedges which are trendy right now; she disagrees. Her words: “There’s nothing wrong with wearing some things. It just depends [...]

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Jaci’s Double Take: The Bullying Experiment

The other day I came across a video about bullying that had me stop and think what would happen if more people saw this? What would people do if they were the ones witnessing bullying? [...]

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Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: These Innocent Pups Have NO IDEA What Happened….

We cover a lot of serious issues, so it’s only fair to lighten it up every once in  a while, and this will definitely do the trick. But first let’s paint a scenario. Your precious [...]

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I’ll Be There Fooor Yoooouuu… 20 Years Ago Today It All Began

Oh come on! You didn’t think I’d let the day end without a nod to one of the best sitcoms ever, did you? September 22, 1994, we met Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey, [...]

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That’s What She Drank: Cider

Ramses The Great, Julius Caesar, and Isaac Newton drank it. It was even used as currency in the middle ages and the Pilgrims made sure they didn’t leave the appleseeds on the kitchen counter when [...]

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Taylor Swift Talks Eighties Influence On “1989”

T Swift told Rolling Stone magazine about the eighties influences on her latest LP, 1989, which includes artists like Phil Collins, Annie Lennox and Madonna, and even mentions a Fine Young Cannibals vibe…. It is [...]

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