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That’s What She Drank: Whiskey Tasting At Pig & Whiskey Event

If you’re into whiskey, bourbon or scotch, this week’s edition of That’s What She Drank is for you. The Inaugural Pig & Whiskey Event produced by Scene Magazine runs Saturday & Sunday in Willoughby near [...]

New 102–08/29/2014

Britney & J.T. circa 2002 (photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Things We’ll Never See Again (Hollywood Edition)

Throwback Thursday is the perfect time to reminisce about things that are no more, and will never be again…   Like Pre-Cray Britney Spears dating Justin Timberlake on a bad hair day.    A Grizzly [...]

New 102–08/28/2014

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Is Tony Soprano Alive?

So. Did Tony Soprano die? David Chase seemingly revealed the answer in a recent interview that was misconstrued and  blew up the net with rumors that Tony is indeed ALIVE. Then statements were released that have us all [...]

New 102–08/27/2014

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Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: Who’s Leading Who?

Sunday was the annual Dog Paddle & Pet-A-Palooza at Ledge Pool on the Hinckley Reservation. Dogs and their owners came out in droves. I love watching dog owners and their pups having a great time, [...]

New 102–08/27/2014

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Matt Damon Took The Ice Bucket Challenge Using WHAT?!?

You know the sketch on Jimmy Fallon called Ew? That is what’s going to be going through your head when you realize what Matt Damon dumped over his head when he took the ALS Ice [...]

New 102–08/26/2014

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Jaci’s Double Take: Celebrity School Pics

I always maintain that celebs are normal people just like you and me (with limos and professional make up artists and stylists plus all the money to afford to pay for all these things). Since [...]

New 102–08/26/2014

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Billy Crystal Remembers Robin Williams At The Emmys

There were many memorable moments from the 66th Emmy Awards, but the most memorable and heartfelt was Billy Crystal remembering his friend Robin Williams. Billy Crystal is right. It really is hard to imagine him [...]

New 102–08/25/2014

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Julie Louis Dreyfus Did This WHERE For The Red Carpet?

How would you prepare to walk the Emmy Red Carpet? Here’s what the stars are doing!

New 102–08/25/2014

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That’s What She Drank: Whiskey Smash

It just sounds cool. Whiskey Smash, and it’s perfect for one of the last weekends of summer. Imagine your favorite whiskey, mint, and lemon over tons of ice. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Whiskey Smash Mint [...]


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Size Matters When It Comes To Marriage?

Bigger means a better marriage?

New 102–08/21/2014


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