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Remember These Horrible Throwback Costumes?

Remember those awful pre packaged costumes we got (and often begged for as kids when we were too young to know any better)? I’m not talking about the cool masks like in the picture above [...]

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Give Your Halloween Look A Make Over!

Every October, you start the process by asking one question. What should you be for Halloween this year? What will be clever enough, cool enough, and most importantly beat what you did last year. Here’s [...]

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Jaci’s Double Take: Make Up Switch Up

Can you imagine truly putting yourself in the shoes of a coworker you don’t see eye to eye with, or I should say see eyelash to eyelash with? A couple of our music bosses, Carol [...]

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Jaci’s Cleveland’s Canine Corner: Super Easy Halloween Costume For Your Pup

When it comes to pet costumes there are some pretty hilarious ones out there, but always remember that safety comes first, as does the comfort of your pet. Some costumes are oppressive and can cause [...]

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That’s What She Drank: Salted Caramel Martini

It’s just not fair that an adult trick or treating is frowned upon. A couple of sips of this will make up for it.

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You Won’t Believe THIS Mistake Actually Happened!

Imagine you finally have the funds to build your dream home. You plane to spend nearly $700,00; you pick out the perfect lot in the perfect gated community. You’ve waited and waited , and now [...]

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"Hey Jude", Jaci Fox's rescued German Shepherd

Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: Dogs Are More Like Us Than We Might Think

Dogs really are a lot like humans – I say this after having seen this video. It totally cracked me up for two reasons. 1. This guy looks almost identical to my Shepherd Hey Jude. [...]

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Have You Made This First Date Mistake?

What constitutes an ideal first date? There are a lot of do’s and don’ts, and I recently went on one, and according to the experts, we did the first date right, even though there was [...]

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That’s What She Drank: Cocktails That Look Like They Were Made By A Mad Scientist

Just in time for Halloween! Is there anything cooler in October than handing over a cocktail that is oozing and overflowing with a creepy smokey fog? You can do this with almost any cocktail. All [...]

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Nominate And Vote For Your Favorite Cleveland Donut Joint!

I love donuts. Anyone following any of my social media posts knows that, which is why this excites me so much!! Cleveland.com is taking nominations for the best donut joints in town until tomorrow at 5 [...]

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