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That’s What She Drank! After Dinner Dessert Coffee

This week, I’m keeping That’s What She Drank hot! Last week we focused on Boozy Hot Cocoas. This week’s drink will warm you up, wake you up and get you going for that Black Friday [...]

New 102–11/21/2014

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Is This A Weird Holiday Tradition?

We call it Turkey Day. Not chicken day, falafel day or beefsteak day. It’s Turkey Day. I realize I’m a purist when it comes to food; I love tradition and it’s been brought to my [...]

New 102–11/20/2014

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Mehgan Trainor’s ‘All About That Base’ Gets Parodied For Thanksgiving!

Last year, the Christmas Jammies video card went viral, and now the Holderness family is BACK for Thanksgiving and have a brand new video. All About That Baste, and they (just as last time) are as [...]

New 102–11/19/2014

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Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: Keep ‘Em Warm!

The cold hit early this year, but that’s no excuse for leaving pets out in it. If you’re cold they most likely are too. The argument that “they have a fur coat” goes only so [...]

New 102–11/18/2014

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That’s What She Drank: Spiked Hot Cocoa And Other Yummy Stuff!

Hot cocoa is PERFECT for a night like this. Snuggled up in a throw, crackling fire (I’m assuming), and a hot drink to warm your hands. Spiked Hot Cocoa is just the thing too. This [...]

New 102–11/14/2014

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Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: Cuteness Overload

So much goes into training service dogs, and also dogs who serve for the armed forces including police dogs. Doing all the right things, socialization, teaching these adorable pups their jobs (which they love – [...]

New 102–11/13/2014

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Disney’s Fantasia Turns 74 Today

One of my FAVORITE Disney Films, Fantasia turns 74 today. The animated film set to classical music was released on this day in 1940. I remember being fascinated with it as a kid. Especially the Mickey [...]

New 102–11/13/2014

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The Best Movies You Don’t Have To Search For

You know those days where you scroll through your queue, or I mean list (my old-school Netflix is showing), and nothing looks appealing? But the idea of scrolling through tons of movies will take longer [...]

New 102–11/11/2014

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What Happy People Do Differently

With the Holidays quickly approaching it’s easy to get caught up in the hassle and stress of it all and lose sight of the whole point of getting together with loved ones. How do you [...]

New 102–11/11/2014

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No Make Up For Jennifer Aniston In ‘Cake’

Could you go to work everyday for a year without make up? Most women who have a love affair with their cosmetic bag could never, let alone an actor – but that just what Jennifer [...]

New 102–11/10/2014


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