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A NEW *NSync Album Is Out Today!

Wait what?

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Broncos QB Peyton Manning Shows Off His Dancing Skills

Don’t quit your day job. Which is pretty cool anyway.

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Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches That DON’T MELT

I guess you can look at this situation two ways:

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Jeremiah’s Family Trip To The Cleveland Aquarium

We were super impressed!

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When Should Christmas Be?

We all look forward to Dec 25th every year. So much so that we even celebrate it in July! Hehe

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Morgan Freeman…I Mean Frank Caliendo Reads Lebron’s “Redemption Letter”

So jealous of dude’s skills!

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#Headband Thursday – It Gets Dangerous Up In Herre!

Join in on the #headbandthursday craze! Submit a pic to!

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Uncle Kracker Takes A Tour Break To Enjoy Cedar Point

How can you be in this part of the country and NOT stop!?

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