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WATCH: Gender Reveal Party Takes A Twist

Well that’s awkward…

New 102–10/24/2014


The Pompous And The Bored – Episode 12

Join Fernando & Priscilla every week as they live their glamorous lives in Northeast Ohio. What kind of trouble will they get into? Find out: Follow Jeremiah Follow Desiray

New 102–10/24/2014

Photo By J Widmer CBS Cleveland

GALLERY: Even Ninjas Do Headband Thursday!

Sword fight!

New 102–10/23/2014

Photo by J Widmer CBS Cleveland

GALLERY: Jeremiah & His Family Go To The Circus!

It was Eli & Mom’s first circus trip!


Photo by J Widmer CBS Cleveland

Vote For Me & Eli’s Tandem Halloween Costume!

Hurry voting ends next week!

New 102–10/22/2014

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Johnny Depp Shows Of His “Big Bad Wolf” Look

Oh Johnny….

New 102–10/22/2014

(Photo credit FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Thrift Store Pulls Girls Costumes After Outrage

One mom/blogger was not happy with her costume options for her four year old daughter.

New 102–10/21/2014

Photo By J Widmer CBS Cleveland

A New Way To Store Your Christmas Ale!

Great Lakes tapped the first keg of Christmas Ale this afternoon!

New 102–10/21/2014

(Photo credit ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images)

JFK Airport Hiring “Ebola Screeners”

Who says there are not jobs in this country!

New 102–10/20/2014

Photo By J Widmer CBS Cleveland

Jeremiah & His Fam Take On IX’s Trick Or Treat Street

Lots of candy….

New 102–10/20/2014


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