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How NOT To Get Out Of A Wedding: Faking Your Own Death

When most people don’t want a relationship to continue they….

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#Headband Thursday – Errands Can’t Stop A Headband!

Who are those two fools with headbands in Giant Eagle!?


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WATCH: Jeremiah Accepts Jen & Tim’s #IceBucketChallenge!

Challenge Accepted!

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Hiding In Walmart – Teen Camps There For Almost 3 Days

When your 14 and want to run away where’s the first place you go?

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Comedian Norm McDonald Shares The Most Touching Robin Williams Story

Robin Williams was known for many things, and this story encompasses his best personality trait.

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Babysitter Uses Her Photoshop Skills To Scare Parents

NOTE, this would only scare parents with the same mentality of their baby.

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Mom Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Changing Her Baby’s Diaper At The Table

They didn’t have a changing table at her pizza shop so Miranda Sowers did what most moms have to do in that situation, improvise!

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