(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

This Baby Is Not Happy With Dad’s Beard Change

Not at all…

New 102–09/17/2014

Photo By Jeremiah Widmer CBS Cleveland

See How Jeremiah Announced Baby #2!

Over the weekend Jessy and I made it “Facebook official”

New 102–09/02/2014

(Photo illustration by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

The Sweetest Vine Post Ever!

So sweet!

New 102–08/22/2014

Photo By Jeremiah Widmer CBS Cleveland

Babysitter Uses Her Photoshop Skills To Scare Parents

NOTE, this would only scare parents with the same mentality of their baby.

New 102–08/12/2014

Des' Weekend Pregnancy Test Included 032

Clever Pregnancy Announcement – Coke Should Pay Them!

This had to take a lot of time to produce, but the end result is probably one of the best


(Matt Jones for Cosmopolitan)

MUST WATCH: Baby Dances To Katy Perry’s Dark Horse

Pay attention Moms, if YOU need assistance with getting your baby to stop crying, maybe Katy Perry can help!

New 102–08/06/2014

Photo By Jeremiah Widmer CBS Cleveland

WATCH: Dog Apologizes For Stealing Baby’s Toy

My dog does not have the skills or the conscious to pull this off!

New 102–07/21/2014



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