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Today Is National German Chocolate Cake Day!

As if today being Wednesday (half way done!) wasn’t awesome enough.

New 102–06/11/2014

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Dogs Eat The Strangest Things

When our puppy Zeus chewed the bedroom door frame, Alan was furious. I told him it wasn’t the puppy’s fault because he was not told he couldn’t chew the frame.


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Big Game Winning Food

I made a couple of dishes, had some friends over for dinner and we picked which food was our favorite – the Green or the Orange.


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Browns Lost, But Desiray’s Dinner Was A Winner

Sticking with my “not going to make the traditional football food” theme. I made a pork stir fry with julienned carrots, turnips, parsnips, green pepper, and onions.


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Des’ Cupboard Creations: Gnocchi With Spinach Sauce

Here’s what I had in my cupboard: Potatoes, onions, spinach, peppers and some tomatoes.


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Des’ Cupboard Creations: Chicken Stew

I should be embarrassed at how easy my recipes are. I try not to get stuck in a rut of making the same dinners, which is easy to do. Your kids like tacos, so once a week it’s ‘taco night’ then spaghetti, hamburgers, pizza, etc. Making something the kids will eat is the ultimate goal, a variety of foods is always nice.


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Is Your Diet FADulous?

I’ve done it too, all those silly cabbage soup, cereal, banana, cayenne pepper drink diets. They don’t work. Let’s see what Melanie Jatsek has to say about these silly fad diets.



Starting Small Can Make The Scale Number “Smaller”

We all want that instant gratification. How nice would it be if in two weeks we could lose the necessary weight to fit into the dress that’s currently 3 sizes too small?


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Des’ Cupboard Creations – Gnocchi

I love to cook, I find it very relaxing and luckily my family enjoys my cooking. My husband has stopped asking me “What’s for dinner?” because I never know until I open the cupboard and then I start throwing things together.


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Whole Grains That Slash Your Risk Of Stroke

If you want to enjoy the many health benefits of whole grains—including reduced risk of stroke, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease—you’ll want to be able to identify whole grain foods and their serving sizes.




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