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Kmart’s Layaway Flub Is “Ruining Christmas”

Bummer city dawg…

New 102–12/17/2014

Some people may be giving up social media or even Candy Crush for Lent this year / (Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Goodbye Productivity! Candy Crush Sequel Is Here!

Remember the days when you got stuff done at work, at home, or in general?

New 102–11/12/2014


This Is The Third Most Shared Vacation Picture On Facebook

This might be a little selfish but who cares, you’re on VACATION!

New 102–09/25/2014

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Coke Is Bringing Back SURGE!

My 90s self just ran in 50,000 circles!


Photo By Jeremiah Widmer CBS Cleveland

Awesome Dads Can Do Hair And Claim Land

The following is definitive proof of how awesome Dads roll:

New 102–07/18/2014


75% Of People Agree That No One Should Do THIS On Facebook

Oops…most of us here have ALREADY done this…have YOU?

New 102–07/10/2014


WOW! One-Third Of All Divorce Filings Contain The Same Word, What Is It?

Really?? THIS is the word? It’s definitely something you would NOT believe to be in there.

New 102–07/01/2014

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

MUST SEE! This Mugshot Went VIRAL And You Won’t Believe Why

The Northern California man was arrested on five weapons charges and one gang charge but despite all that, everyone can’t help but notice how GORGEOUS he is.

New 102–06/20/2014

Tuna the dog (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Humane Society)

Jaci’s Cleveland Canine Corner: Viral Doggy Sensations

Check out adorable pics of these viral canine social media stars

New 102–06/17/2014


#TBT Is A Day For Throwing And DANCING

I love sharing old pics of myself of all of my social networking

New 102–03/20/2014



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