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If You Use Facebook, You DON’T Have To Do ALL Of These Things!

It’s okay, take a breath and smile because here are some things you DON’T have to do on the popular social media!

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A Facebook Post From Des’ Daughter…

My daughter Lilly would kill me if she knew I posted this. She put this on facebook, as I read it I thought to myself “Oh, she gets it” so often we aren’t sure that our kids listen, maybe they don’t


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Bad Hair Day Preventing You From Taking A Selfie? Take A “Belfie” Instead

I can’t believe this is actually a product. Talk about reaching the bottom! ha ha ha


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Phoenix-Area Teen Going Through Chemo Wants To See Your Pet Photos

We all love to share photos of our dogs, now here’s a great reason to share those photos. A Phoenix-area teen named Anthony Lyons is a huge fan of dogs. Anthony is undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


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Kmart’s Layaway Flub Is “Ruining Christmas”

Bummer city dawg…

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Some people may be giving up social media or even Candy Crush for Lent this year / (Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Goodbye Productivity! Candy Crush Sequel Is Here!

Remember the days when you got stuff done at work, at home, or in general?

New 102–11/12/2014


This Is The Third Most Shared Vacation Picture On Facebook

This might be a little selfish but who cares, you’re on VACATION!

New 102–09/25/2014

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Coke Is Bringing Back SURGE!

My 90s self just ran in 50,000 circles!


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Awesome Dads Can Do Hair And Claim Land

The following is definitive proof of how awesome Dads roll:

New 102–07/18/2014


75% Of People Agree That No One Should Do THIS On Facebook

Oops…most of us here have ALREADY done this…have YOU?

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