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Crocktober: Cranberry-Orange Pork

This is a good “festive” recipe for the family members that don’t like turkey.

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Christmas Shopping Too Early? Maybe Not…

Are you someone who is still finishing up that Christmas list on Christmas Eve? Maybe you’re the one we all roll our eyes at when you tell us in October that…


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When Should Christmas Be?

We all look forward to Dec 25th every year. So much so that we even celebrate it in July! Hehe

New 102–07/25/2014

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10 Vacation Selfies We Love To Hate

Define irony… getting mad at someone of your social feed for taking a vacation selfie that you take no more than 3 weeks later.

New 102–06/30/2014

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Most Wanted Mother’s Day Gifts

Make sure you read THIS before you head out to purchase a Mother’s Day gift!

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Today’s Easter Eats: Easter Bunny Snack Mix

Every day we will list a fun, cute recipe that you can make with your kids for Easter! Today’s recipe? Easter Bunny Snack Mix!

New 102–04/15/2014

Tim Richards At The Barley House on St. Patrick's Day

VIDEO: Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Jen And Tim Show!

Tim does the one thing he really knows how to do when it comes to celebrating…BREAK DANCING!

New 102–03/17/2014

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President’s Day, Presidents’ Day, or Washington’s Birthday? Either Way, City Hall Is Closed

Kids aren’t in school, government offices are closed, and there’s no mail today. Why? All because of the Father of Our Country. Originally meant as a day to honor George Washington (Congress made it a […]



Surprise Singing: J-Tips For Life In Cleveland

Giving You Just The Tips To Make Your Life More Awesome

New 102–02/11/2014

The US clergyman and civil rights leader

MLK Holiday: Visit Cleveland’s Museums On Your Day Off

Government offices, most schools, and lots of other places are shut down in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day today – but that doesn’t mean that you need to stay in. If you’re […]




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