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Forget The Deals, Here’s The Divine

As we are all looking for the best bargain for our Holiday shopping, along comes the list of some of the most expensive gifts available through Neiman


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Thanksgiving: Sweet Potato Cranberry Casserole

This side dish takes care of the sweet potatoes and the cranberries. The sweet and tart combination melds so well together, it’


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Complete Schedule Of Thanksgiving And Christmas Movies, Shows And MORE For 2014

Den Of Geek complied a HUGE list of all the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials that will be on your TV until the end of the year and it begins tonight!

New 102–11/19/2014


Thanksgiving: Butternut Squash With Quinoa

Hard to believe, not everyone likes mashed potatoes, or sweet potatoes so here’s a hearty side dish that will make


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Navigating The Web For The Best Deals On Cyber Monday

When Cyber Monday rolls around this year, the web is going to be all abuzz with the latest and greatest one-day only deals. To avoid too much impulse buying, and in turn buyer’s remorse, start […]


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Thanksgiving: Brussels Sprouts

Now you know I’m not going to just make Brussels sprouts. We have to spice them up for our feast. Here goes…


(photo by Des/CBS Cleveland)

Thanksgiving: Sweet Carrots

If you’re going to make this recipe, use big carrots. I never use the little baby carrots,


Credit: Jen Westfield

VIDEO: Watch Kris Kringle Push The Holiday Music Button With Jen And Tim And Officially Switch Us To Christmas 102

Kris Kringle hit the big red button and changed us to Cleveland’s Christmas Station Christmas 102! Watch him in studio with Jen and Tim!


Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Des’ Weekend: Festive :)

My beautiful cousin Angelica is getting married on New Year’s Eve. I went to her bridal shower on Saturday. Angelica is so lovely and her fiance Steve is absolutely adorable. The two of them are […]


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Thanksgiving: Cornbread

I make quite a bit of cornbread, the kids love it and it goes with just about anything. I like to add a can of drained corn to mine,




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