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Rihanna Working on new Concept Album Based on Animated Movie ‘Home’

The movie is based on book ‘The True Meaning of Smekday’ by author Rex Smith.


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Adults Who Don’t Know How To Be Adults

My co-worker Kelly doesn’t know how to be a grown up. Hence why she brought us (a very kind gesture I might add) a whole chicken (cold), strawberries (not washed), an apple (probably not washed), […]

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PHOTO: Jeremiah’s Proud Papa Moment

My son Eli is 18 months old. And he’s going through this phase of opinions. It’s a time in a child’s life that every parent deals with. A lot of head shaking and tantrums. But […]

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Turkey Trimmings: Candied Cauliflower

We can’t forget the cauliflower. Sweeten up any vegetable and the kids will love it. Me too!


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Why My Grandma Is Awesomer Than Yours

Let me add some context first, haha. There was a group text message going on in my family about what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Somehow the conversation got on special brownies. I chimed in […]

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Dinovember Invades Your House!

Talk about one upping Elf On The Shelf. These parents stage dinosaurs in ways that make it look like they came alive over night and destroyed the house. Search #Dinovember you can see all of […]

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Cinco de Mayo

Nacho Fails

There aren’t a lot of things that make me mad. One of the things that infuriates me is mishandled nachos! My nachos are hand crafted and loved. Each chip perfectly covering its portion of the […]

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The 10 Worst Stains & How To Fix Them!

Wearing white is not an option for me. So you’ll understand my appreciation for this little treasure I found on TLC’s website. Some highlights: –Peanut Butter on your shirt? Use a little dish soap & […]

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Finally A Ranking Of Burger Sides!

We all have our opinion of what goes best beside a burger (most times for me its another burger). Buzzfeed has ranked the best compliments to your patty. Crinkle fries (13), onions rings (2), potato […]

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Watching Your Salt? See What It Can Do!

We all need some salt in our diet, too much salt is bad for us. Go ahead and buy the salt you can use it for so much more than cooking. From bee stings, soap […]