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Westfield Moves Into Her First Apartment!

I finally made the move out of my parents house and into my first EVER apartment. I’m scared, nervous and excited but I know this was the right decision.

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Songs You Are Embarrassed To Know The Lyrics To

We guarantee that if you were to hear THESE songs anywhere today, you would embarrassingly know every single word by heart.

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Jen Toohey And Tim Richards To Appear On “Let’s Ask America”!

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Nurse With Ebola, Nina Pham, Appears On Camera For The First Time In This Emotional Video

“I love you guys” – Nurse, Nina Pham, tells her colleagues before being transported to Maryland

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You Can Now BUY An Ebola Plush Toy

The company says the plush toy is for educational purposes but many people think it’s tasteless marketing.

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WHAT??! Why Is This Man Without A Hazmat Suit Helping An Ebola Patient Onto A Plane?

Not only have we been talking about Ebola all morning, but we have also talked about the safety precautions to take to make sure we are all safe. So, why is this guy NOT WEARING A HAZMAT SUIT?!

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THIS Will Probably Happen 280 Times This Week At Your House

Tim does this the most and we wouldn’t be shocked if it was MORE than 280 times!

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Beyonce Debuts New Baby Bangs And The Internet HATES Them

Beyonce’s hair is usually flawless, but sometimes even the popstar can have a bad hair day.

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OMG! Tim Richards And His Wife Are Having A BABY!!

OMG! Tim is going to be a DAD again!

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HALLOWEEN 2014: The WORST Candies For Your Children

With Halloween right around the corner, make sure THESE candies stay away from your children because they can destroy their teeth quickly.

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