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Elf Gone WILD!

I’m not sure what your elf has been doing at your home, but ours has been coming up with some crafty ideas. Check out the pictures!

New 102–12/19/2014

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MUST WATCH: 13 Dogs And 1 Cat Eating With Human Hands Will Be The Best Thing You’ve Seen All Week

There are a few characters at the holiday dinner table this year – the drunk uncle, the teen that won’t stop texting, the catty sister and MORE. Watch the adorable video!

New 102–12/19/2014

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These Are The Top TEN Most ReGifted Items

Did you know that today is National ReGifting Day aka Jen Toohey’s favorite holiday? We have all the details inside!

New 102–12/18/2014


30 Second Santa – Under The Streetlamp’s “Run Run Rudolph”

For those of you that said HO HO HO!! we have a link to Under The Streetlamp’s FULL song in the post!

New 102–12/17/2014


20% Of People Plan To Do THIS At Work Between Now And Christmas

Be honest, how many times have you do THIS so far?!

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THIS Is The Worst Gift To Give For The Holidays

Whiskey/vodka/rum are 3rd on the list, home decor was 2nd, but you’ll NEVER believe what came in 1st!

New 102–12/16/2014

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CLOSED: Peet’s Coffee & Tea Says Goodbye To Ohio

Former store baristas weren’t given much information as to why Peet’s decided to suddenly close all Ohio stores but many believe it has to do with A TON of coffee they gave away in October.

New 102–12/16/2014


30 Second Santa: Hey Santa!

“Hey Santa” by Daniel Mark Baird is a fresh, new, fun and original Christmas song that is REALLY catchy!

New 102–12/15/2014

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

MUST WATCH: U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Anthony Wagner Surprises His Children At The Browns Game

There was one good thing that came out of yesterday’s game was when U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Anthony Wagner’s returned home from Afghanistan to surprise his family!

New 102–12/15/2014

(Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Great Gift Idea – Send Cleveland In A Box To Friends And Family!

Jen Toohey recently did this for her aunt and uncle who live in Pittsburg and she hasn’t stopped raving about it since! We have all the details you need to know!

New 102–12/12/2014



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