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Glassdoor Ranks The 25 Best Jobs In America

No radio is not #1

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Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots

For TBT Tom Brady Posts His Resume

Before he became a quaterback, Tom Brady was an “iffy” NFL Draft prospect who had just graduated from the University of Michigan.


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Are You A Lazy Employee?

Maybe we all don’t work as hard as we could or should, but these examples of not doing the job correctly are really o



If You Hit The Lottery, Would You Keep Your Job? Almost 1/4 Of People Surveyed Say They Would Because Of THIS

Jen Toohey knows that THIS is true for everyone on the morning show.

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According To A New Survey, 87% Of People Think THIS Is The Most Impressive Job In America

Question: According to a new survey, 87% of people think THIS is the most impressive job in America. What is it? Answer: Firefighters! Congratulations to Andy for winning today’s Question Of The Day! We do […]

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During Your Career, This Will Happen Almost 200 Times

Question: During your career, this will happen almost 200 times, what is it? Answer: You’ll be late for work! Congratulations to Stacie from Uniontown for winning today’s Question Of The Day! We do Question Of […]

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Top 5 Happiest Careers In The US (And Why You Should Get Rid Of Negative Friends)

Are you happy with your career? Are you happy at work? Check out this cool study from Upworthy about the top 5 happiest careers.



Kids Say They Want This Job When They Grow Up

Question: It’s the #1 job kids say they want when they grow up… what is it? Answer: Doctor! Congratulations to Kevin from Solon for winning today’s Question Of The Day!

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Top Ten Careers With The Highest And Lowest Job Satisfaction Ratings

Have you ever wonder which jobs make the people the happiest and which ones well…don’t?


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Working Girl

I’m really excited to share some news with you. In addition to my fabulous job as your afternoon deejay here at Cleveland’s New 102, I will be a “Lifestyle and Features Reporter” for a new show on WKYC TV 3. The show is called, “Live On Lakeside” and debuts on August 13, 2012.




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