The Very FIRST One Had A Top Speed Of Six Miles Per Hour, What Is It?

We have the best of THESE in Ohio, what is it?

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The Top Ohio High Schools By U.S. News & World Report

Over 832 public high schools in Ohio were ranked by U.S News & World Report but which local schools made the top of the list? Did yours?

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Clevelander Runs Boston Marathon, Talks Mood, Course Security And MORE

We are the station that covers Cleveland so when we found out that local Boston Marathon runner, Ryan McCartney, ran in the marathon, we KNEW we had to talk with him! Ryan gives us all the inside details regarding the marathon.


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What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Did you know that the way you sleep can say A LOT about your relationship? Find out more about your relationship here!

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We Spoke With Local Make Up Artist Shelly Theiling About The Hottest New Lip Colors And Trends Plus, Men Need Make Up Too!

With Jen Toohey on maternity leave, Tim and Ramos are LOST when it comes to makeup. Thankfully, we got in contact with local make up artist Shelly Theiling to ask her the questions we need answers to.

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Female Names Most Likely To Become Gold Diggers

If your name is Jennifer or Jessica, then you are MOST likely to be a gold digger. Guess the boys should be careful around Jen Toohey and Westfield, yeah?

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Dyngus Day 2012 In The Polish Triangle

All You Need To Know About Dyngus Day 2014!

Dyngus Day is the name for Easter Monday and it is a polish tradition that celebrates the end of the observance of Lent and Easter and it’s a big party in Cleveland. We have all the info you need to know inside!

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Today’s Easter Eats: Rabbit Pancakes!

Now THIS is the right way to start your day! Easy to make AND the kids will love it!

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Today’s Easter Eats: Easter Bunny Butt Cake

OMG! This is so cute! Who knew Bunny Butt’s could be made into adorable yummy cakes?!

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20% Of Adults Say THIS Was The First Person They Were Afraid Of As A Child

Were YOU afraid of this?! It is NOT a principal or clown…

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