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Things You Need To Know – Browns Ranked By Forbes Magazine, GM Recall, Ohio Woman Injured By Rock Still In Critical Condition

Good Thursday morning! Here is what you need to know for today.

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WHAT?! Fried Chicken Oreos??

So if you’re a fan of chicken and waffles like we are, then fried chicken Oreos should be good right?

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Things You Need To Know – Brunswick Tornado Sirens Update, Browns Have A New Live Mascot And MORE

Here is what you need to know for Tuesday, July, 15th!

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OMG! Cedar Point WILL Be Renaming A Coaster After LeBron James

Yes, it is HAPPENING! We spoke with Cedar Point’s Public Relations Manager, Bryan Edwards, to find out the inside scoop on what Cedar Point will REALLY do for LeBron James.

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Things You Need To Know – LeBron Is Coming Home, Cheaper Gas Prices, Germany Wins The World Cup And MORE

Here is what you need to know for today, Monday, July 14th.

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OMG! Kristen Stewart Chops Off Her Hair And Dyes It ORANGE

Well…this is one way to make an entrance. Seriously though, what HAPPENED to her hair?!

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The First Sighting Of LeBron James In Cleveland HAPPENED At The Q Yesterday

One of our listeners called in this morning to inform us that she saw LeBron with Kyrie Irving last night AT THE Q.

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GOP Convention “Biggest Event That’s Ever Come To Cleveland”

You’ll never guess who was talking SMACK about Cleveland!

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