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Should Our Baby’s Gender Be A Surprise?

As you know we announced our new human last month.

New 102–10/01/2014

Thomas enjoying his Birthday lunch. Photo by Des/ CBS Radio

What’s In Your Kid’s Lunch?

My son is 15 and in the tenth grade, I’ve been trying to get creative with his lunch to let him know I’m thinking of him during the day. I wrote


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What’s The Best App Your Kid Uses?

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep track of all the Apps and Social Media sites that our kids are using. Here’s one



GROSS! This Is The SECOND Most Likely Thing Your Child Will Stick Up Their Nose

Jen and Tim both stuck marbles up their nose when they were little but never THIS.

New 102–09/09/2014

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Hey Kids – Look How Goofy Your Parents Were!

As a parent it seems as if it’s our job to complain about your hair, clothes and friends. Well kids, no more.


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We Torture Our Kids Because It’s Fun!

We all do things to our kids that amuses us.

New 102–09/02/2014

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Little Boy Playing In Street, Gets Run OVER! But Is Okay

The first question is “Why the heck is this kid allowed to play in the street?!” Immediately followed by “How the H*ll Didn’t the driver see the littl


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Attention Parents! Now You Can LOCK Your Kids’ Phones With This New Mom-Made App

Do you have a teenager who won’t call you back? Who won’t at least TEXT you back? If so, there’s an app for that!

New 102–08/19/2014

Des' Weekend Pregnancy Test Included 032

Clever Pregnancy Announcement – Coke Should Pay Them!

This had to take a lot of time to produce, but the end result is probably one of the best




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