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Little Boy Playing In Street, Gets Run OVER! But Is Okay

The first question is “Why the heck is this kid allowed to play in the street?!” Immediately followed by “How the H*ll Didn’t the driver see the littl


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Attention Parents! Now You Can LOCK Your Kids’ Phones With This New Mom-Made App

Do you have a teenager who won’t call you back? Who won’t at least TEXT you back? If so, there’s an app for that!

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Des' Weekend Pregnancy Test Included 032

Clever Pregnancy Announcement – Coke Should Pay Them!

This had to take a lot of time to produce, but the end result is probably one of the best


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Lorde’s Parents Get Engaged After 30 Years

Lorde’s weekend performance in Toronto has been out shined by her parents

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Micah’s Man Tip: When To Meet The Parents

I’m glad to say that I have had several women reach out to ask some guidance in their relationship.


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School Wants To Implement A Dress Code…For Parents!

School Board members in Florida want parents to follow the same dress code the kids follow.


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How Often Is Too Often To Ask For Help Moving?

Jessy and I accepted a verbal offer on our house today (yay!)

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Spoiled Brat? Or Deserving Kid?

There are so many reason my kids could have taken me to court. They didn’t like the dinner I served, I made them eat vegetables, they had to clean their rooms…where does it end? Evidently, it doesn’t.


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Things To Do With The Kids During The Big Game

How to keep the kids entertained during the Big Game!

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Proud Mom Moment

Our kids may get embarrassed when we gush over them, but it’s so nice to recognize them when they do something to make us proud.




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