It’s The Most Frequently Spoken Word In The World

Okay…so, it’s not the word “THE” but here’s a hint, I’ve already SAID it!

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Air Travelers Said They’d Happily Give This Up On A Flight To Get Free Wi-Fi, What Is It?

If Jen Toohey had to give this up, she’d be so MISERABLE.

New 102–09/16/2014


85% Of People Who Do This Do It 3 Times A Day

We nearly do this more than 3 times, do YOU?

New 102–09/15/2014


66% Of Brides Want To, But Never Complete This Task Before Their Wedding

This is NOT as easy as many people think. What could it be?

New 102–09/12/2014


Men Are More Likely Than Women To Lie About THIS

Your man may be lying to you about this right NOW.

New 102–09/11/2014


Single Women Say THIS Is The Worst Activity For A Guy To Take Them On A First Date

Men, PLEASE don’t take your first date to this…chances might not be so good for you if you do.

New 102–09/08/2014


POLL: People Who Do THIS In Their Marriage Are 80% Happier Than Those Who Don’t

Do you do this with your significant other? Take our poll to let us know!

New 102–09/04/2014


28% Of People Use At Least Two Of These Daily

If all of us don’t use at least two of these, we wouldn’t make it here this early!

New 102–08/27/2014



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