Over A Third Of Women Will Do THIS At Work Or Home If Nobody’s Looking

Jen Toohey is SO guilty of this.

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A Quarter Of Us Say The Last Time We Panicked Was Because Of THIS

Most of us have panicked about this MULTIPLE times a week, if not MORE.

New 102–07/22/2014


Nearly Half Of Men Surveyed Said THIS Is One Of The Biggest Pet Peeves When It Comes To Their Wife

Jen KNOWS that this is something she definitely does to her husband. Oops. Guilty.

New 102–07/21/2014


If You Hit The Lottery, Would You Keep Your Job? Almost 1/4 Of People Surveyed Say They Would Because Of THIS

Jen Toohey knows that THIS is true for everyone on the morning show.

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Nearly 40% Of People Say THIS Is One Of The Biggest Summer Fashion Faux Pas

Uh oh…RAMOS HAS ONE OF THESE. How embarrassing!



Research Says THIS Is The Most Popular TV Show Among Rich People

It ISN’T Dancing With The Stars, Million Dollar Listing or The Voice so what is it?!

New 102–07/16/2014


If You Have This At Work, Chances Are It Makes You Uncomfortable

It has nothing to do with a bathroom or a camera but instead, YOUR BOSS.

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75% Of People Agree That No One Should Do THIS On Facebook

Oops…most of us here have ALREADY done this…have YOU?

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Doing This Will Cost You About $4,000 A Year

Ramos dishes out even MORE for this.

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1 In 3 Guys Say They Can’t Go Without One Of These For A Week

Wonder how long Tim Richards and Ramos can go without having THIS.

New 102–07/08/2014