About 25% Of Married People Say If They Won A Big Lottery Jack-pot They’d Do This

What would YOU do? Hopefully not THIS!

New 102–01/26/2015


1 In 3 American Adults Have One Of THESE In Their Bedroom

Okay, this is just weird. Do people REALLY do this? Today, our winner and his wife proved us wrong and you won’t BELIEVE what they have in their bedroom!

New 102–01/22/2015


65% Of Women Say They’d Rather Do THIS Than “Get Intimate” With Their Husband

It’s not read a book or clean the house but instead, something ALL of us would rather (and NEED to do)!

New 102–01/14/2015


20% Of People Plan To Do THIS At Work Between Now And Christmas

Be honest, how many times have you do THIS so far?!

New 102–12/17/2014


THIS Is The Worst Gift To Give For The Holidays

Whiskey/vodka/rum are 3rd on the list, home decor was 2nd, but you’ll NEVER believe what came in 1st!

New 102–12/16/2014


THIS Is The Most Re-Gifted Christmas Gift Of The Year

Seriously, who re-gifts THIS?! Then again, maybe Jen would because she DID give Tim a re-gifted gift one year when they were dating…

New 102–12/03/2014


21% Of Families Will Have THIS At Their Thanksgiving Dinner

Many of you will experience one of THESE this week during Thanksgiving dinner!

New 102–11/24/2014


When People Were Asked What Sound They’d Love To Wake Up To, Birds Was #1. What Came In Second?

Okay but who REALLY enjoys waking up to the sound of birds? How did that make NUMBER ONE? The second most loved sound should definitely be the first.

New 102–11/19/2014


46% Of Us Will Do This At Work One Time And Never Do It Again

Tim can’t even remember the last time he HAD to do this, that’s how rare it is! Have you done THIS?

New 102–11/13/2014


A Recent Poll Of Adults Found This To Cause More Stress Than Anything Else

Shockingly, it’s not kids OR money but something else that Tim and Westfield did recently!

New 102–11/10/2014



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