Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon All Snubbed THIS At The Sag Awards, So They Didn’t Do It At The Oscars

E! says THIS was removed “because of space constraints” but we all know the REAL reason.

New 102–02/23/2015


32% Of Women Say They’d Be Offended If A Guy Did THIS On A Date

It’s not SPLITTING the bill, but instead, something more cheap that makes many women offended!

New 102–02/12/2015


59% Of Single Men Seek Out Woman Who Have THIS

Ironically, women say the same THING about men they’re looking for! Singles, do you have one of these?!

New 102–02/11/2015


The Average Person Eats Three Of THESE Every Week

It’s not a slice of pizza, a banana OR even eggs! It’s something more DELICIOUS and if we could eat more than 3, we definitely would!

New 102–02/09/2015


WHAT?! Why? 12% Of Women Do THIS While They Shop

Ladies, please DON’T do this while you shop! It’s NOT a good look!

New 102–01/29/2015


About 25% Of Married People Say If They Won A Big Lottery Jack-pot They’d Do This

What would YOU do? Hopefully not THIS!

New 102–01/26/2015


1 In 3 American Adults Have One Of THESE In Their Bedroom

Okay, this is just weird. Do people REALLY do this? Today, our winner and his wife proved us wrong and you won’t BELIEVE what they have in their bedroom!

New 102–01/22/2015


65% Of Women Say They’d Rather Do THIS Than “Get Intimate” With Their Husband

It’s not read a book or clean the house but instead, something ALL of us would rather (and NEED to do)!

New 102–01/14/2015


20% Of People Plan To Do THIS At Work Between Now And Christmas

Be honest, how many times have you do THIS so far?!

New 102–12/17/2014


THIS Is The Worst Gift To Give For The Holidays

Whiskey/vodka/rum are 3rd on the list, home decor was 2nd, but you’ll NEVER believe what came in 1st!

New 102–12/16/2014