28% Of People Use At Least Two Of These Daily

If all of us don’t use at least two of these, we wouldn’t make it here this early!

New 102–08/27/2014


Shockingly, 40% Of The American Population Has Never Done THIS

WOW. We really hope you do NOT fall in the 40%.

New 102–08/26/2014


The Average One Of These Is 50% Shorter Than It Was 10 Years Ago

Sorry but none of us have time for this anymore!

New 102–08/25/2014


THIS Is The Most Commonly Used Word In Conversation In The English Language

It’s not you or me but it’s close!

New 102–08/15/2014


EW! 25% Of Adult Males NEVER Do This

The guys here make sure to have THIS on them at all times…otherwise it can go HORRIBLY wrong.

New 102–08/06/2014


The Average Woman Lies 3 Times A Week About THESE 3 Things

Okay ladies, how many times do you lie about these things? The men think we lie about MORE things.

New 102–08/05/2014


About 1 In 3 Wives Wish Their Husbands Would Do This More Often

How many times does YOUR husband do this for you?

New 102–08/04/2014


During A Seven-Day Vacation, The Average Person Does THIS 10 Times

How many times do you do THIS common thing? We’re guilty of doing this on vacation too!

New 102–07/31/2014


Over A Third Of Women Will Do THIS At Work Or Home If Nobody’s Looking

Jen Toohey is SO guilty of this.

New 102–07/23/2014


A Quarter Of Us Say The Last Time We Panicked Was Because Of THIS

Most of us have panicked about this MULTIPLE times a week, if not MORE.

New 102–07/22/2014



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