When People Were Asked What Sound They’d Love To Wake Up To, Birds Was #1. What Came In Second?

Okay but who REALLY enjoys waking up to the sound of birds? How did that make NUMBER ONE? The second most loved sound should definitely be the first.

New 102–11/19/2014


46% Of Us Will Do This At Work One Time And Never Do It Again

Tim can’t even remember the last time he HAD to do this, that’s how rare it is! Have you done THIS?

New 102–11/13/2014


A Recent Poll Of Adults Found This To Cause More Stress Than Anything Else

Shockingly, it’s not kids OR money but something else that Tim and Westfield did recently!

New 102–11/10/2014


26% Of People Will Do This Before The End Of The Year

Oops! Jen did THIS to Tim when they were dating during the holiday season many, many years ago.

New 102–11/07/2014


On Average THIS Lasts About 46 Seconds

Thanks to the election results, you can now go THROUGH this without getting caught! (Just kidding…don’t really do this but hopefully the hint helped!)

New 102–11/05/2014


The Average American Home Has 6 Pounds Of THESE

It’s not plantains or sock, but something you MIGHT have in your pocket right now!

New 102–10/30/2014


35% Of Women Said This Was The Best Part Of Pregnancy…What Is It?

It’s not eating anything you want or finding out the gender of the baby but something you do BEFORE or AFTER the pregnancy!

New 102–10/24/2014


TODAY’S Carry Over Question Of The Day

Here is today’s carry over question of the day – call us tomorrow morning at 6:10 with your answer for your chance to win a $50 Gift Card from NBC’s Marry Me!

New 102–10/20/2014


THIS Will Probably Happen 280 Times This Week At Your House

Tim does this the most and we wouldn’t be shocked if it was MORE than 280 times!

New 102–10/16/2014


30% Of People Say Their Most Embarrassing Moment Happened When They Were Here

It’s not at school or work but instead, a place that is VERY important to couples.

New 102–10/08/2014



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