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The Average American Home Has 6 Pounds Of THESE

It’s not plantains or sock, but something you MIGHT have in your pocket right now!

New 102–10/30/2014


35% Of Women Said This Was The Best Part Of Pregnancy…What Is It?

It’s not eating anything you want or finding out the gender of the baby but something you do BEFORE or AFTER the pregnancy!

New 102–10/24/2014


TODAY’S Carry Over Question Of The Day

Here is today’s carry over question of the day – call us tomorrow morning at 6:10 with your answer for your chance to win a $50 Gift Card from NBC’s Marry Me!

New 102–10/20/2014


THIS Will Probably Happen 280 Times This Week At Your House

Tim does this the most and we wouldn’t be shocked if it was MORE than 280 times!

New 102–10/16/2014


30% Of People Say Their Most Embarrassing Moment Happened When They Were Here

It’s not at school or work but instead, a place that is VERY important to couples.

New 102–10/08/2014


Most Of Us Have Way Too Many Of THESE But Never Throw Them Away Even Though They Don’t Get Used Every Day

Jen Toohey always finds her household in a shortage of THESE because they’re definitely a necessity.

New 102–10/06/2014


Nearly 70% Of People Would Rather Give Up Alcoholic Beverages For A Week Than Give This Up

It’s not their cellphone BUT it is something many do first thing in the morning!

New 102–10/01/2014


70% Of Women Say They Have THIS In Their Cell Phone

Jen AND Tim still have this in their phone despite being married to their significant other!

New 102–09/26/2014


This Is The Third Most Shared Vacation Picture On Facebook

This might be a little selfish but who cares, you’re on VACATION!

New 102–09/25/2014


Men Say THIS Smell Makes Them The Happiest

It’s not the smell of a new car OR a grill but instead, something BETTER.

New 102–09/22/2014



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