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Strange And Weird Things Woman Do To Induce Labor

What’s the craziest/weirdest thing you’ve been told that would induce labor?

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Can Kristy From Chardon Trump Toohey?

We’ll play again tomorrow morning at 7 am!

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This Is HILARIOUS! Meet The Dad Who Invented The Wearable ‘Breast Feeding Tent’!

When it comes to breast feeding in public, many mothers know the harassment and strange looks they receive from others. Andy Herald, a designer at the website How To Be A Dad, has a solution to this problem.

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SERIOUSLY?! $50 Parking Prices, Handyman Husband FAIL AND This TV Show Is Coming Back

SERIOUSLY?? is our weekly segment where the crew vents about what’s been bothering them this week, what’s been outrageous this week, and what’s just plain weird.

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AUDIO: Can Jill from Parma Trump Toohey?

Can Jill from Parma Trump Toohey?

New 102–03/27/2015

fried rice

YUM! Jen Toohey Shares How To Cook Delicious Restaurant-Style Fried Rice!

Last night, Jen Toohey cooked delicious restaurant-style fried rice (after finding the recipe on Pinterest aka the best website EVER), and it is AMAZING!

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Battle Of The Jens! Can Jen from Akron Trump Toohey?

Can Jen from Akron Trump Toohey?

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MUST WATCH! Zayn Malik Quits One Direction And These Teenage Girls FREAK OUT Over The News

They’ll continue with the four other guys, but the best part are the videos online of girls freaking out over the news. Guess you can say they’re going in…….two directions.

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starbucks birthday

LIMITED EDITION! Starbucks Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of The Frappuccino With A Birthday Cake Frappuccino!

To celebrate the 20th birthday of the drink, Starbucks is offering a Birthday Cake Frappuccino starting TODAY until the 30th! It is SO GOOD! Westfield got us in the inside scoop on the drink!

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Can Dave from Olmsted Falls Trump Toohey?

Can Dave from Olmsted Falls Trump Toohey?

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