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Things You Need To Know – OSU Marching Band Director Fired, Robin Roberts In Town Next Month And More

Good Friday morning! Here is what you need to know for today.

New 102–07/25/2014

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Can You Guess Who This Birthday Girl Is?

45 years later and this pop star STILL looks amazing! Seriously, what is her secret?!

New 102–07/24/2014

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Things You Need To Know – Schwebels Yanks Bread Off Store Shelves, Browns Training Camp, Great Lakes Brewery Upgrade

Good Thursday morning! Here is what you need to know for today.

New 102–07/24/2014


Over A Third Of Women Will Do THIS At Work Or Home If Nobody’s Looking

Jen Toohey is SO guilty of this.

New 102–07/23/2014

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Things You Need To Know – Death Of Cory Barron, Brennan’s Colony Reopens, LeBron James Delivers Cupcakes To His Neighbors

Good Wednesday morning! Here is what you need to know for today, July 23rd!

New 102–07/23/2014


A Quarter Of Us Say The Last Time We Panicked Was Because Of THIS

Most of us have panicked about this MULTIPLE times a week, if not MORE.

New 102–07/22/2014

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Meet The Husband Who Made A Spreadsheet Full Of Excuses His Wife Used To NOT Get Intimate

This husband went into excel to make a spreadsheet of all the times his wife turned down his offer to get intimate and well…there is A LOT and the excuses are hilarious.

New 102–07/22/2014

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What YOUR Engagement Ring Says About You

Did you know that your diamond engagement ring can say A LOT about you?

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Nearly Half Of Men Surveyed Said THIS Is One Of The Biggest Pet Peeves When It Comes To Their Wife

Jen KNOWS that this is something she definitely does to her husband. Oops. Guilty.

New 102–07/21/2014