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The Scoop: Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream Opens In Ohio City

You have NO IDEA how excited Tim Richards was to hear that Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream will finally open in Ohio City on the Monday after Easter – he’s only been talking about it on […]



FASHION FRIDAY: Cute Easter Dresses For Girls

Easter season is always a perfect time to bring out the dresses and with Sunday almost here, we decided to look for some of our favorite Easter dresses for girls!

New 102–04/18/2014

(Photo by Daryl Ruiter CBS Cleveland)

Is Cleveland The Saddest Sports Town EVER?

According to TopTens.com, Cleveland has been ranked as the SADDEST sports town. WHAT?! You have to see why we’re ranked number one.

New 102–04/18/2014

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Today’s Easter Eats: Rabbit Pancakes!

Now THIS is the right way to start your day! Easy to make AND the kids will love it!

New 102–04/17/2014

Iron Chef Michael Symon shows off poultry.   Frazier Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment

The Scoop: Iron Chef Michael Symon’s Chicken CHALLENGE, Jenny McCarthy ENGAGED, Taylor Swift Visits Bridal Shower

Taylor Swift is awesome! She loves her fans, and makes it show – she stopped by an Ohio fan’s bridal shower after getting an invitation to the wedding. What a cool gal! Jenny McCarthy is […]


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VIRAL VIDEO: Watch Kids React To Walkmans

This is HILARIOUS. In a new viral video by The Fine Bros., kids under the age of 13 are given a walkman and are asked to use it. The problem? They don’t know what a walkman IS.

New 102–04/17/2014

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Jenny McCarthy Engaged To Donnie Wahlberg!

Jenny McCarthy just got engaged to Donnie Wahlberg! That’s right, the girl you remember as Playmate of the Year is about to get married to a New Kid on the Block.

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2timPicMonkey Collage

“Tim Looks Like…” – Who Do YOU Think Is Tim’s Doppelganger?

Tim Richards’ 2 year old nephew thinks he looks EXACTLY like Shel Silverstein. It’s because they’re both bald, right? Here are some other men who YOU think look like Tim Richards.

New 102–04/16/2014

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Tim On The Town – Jen And Tim Show Enjoy Lunch At Sung’s House

Isn’t payback nice? Tim picked on Westfield ALL MORNING so guess who paid for the bill? Our show had some bonding time over sushi at Sung’s House on and it was SO GOOD!

New 102–04/16/2014

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Today’s Easter Eats: Easter Bunny Butt Cake

OMG! This is so cute! Who knew Bunny Butt’s could be made into adorable yummy cakes?!

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